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Nothing can be more exciting than seeing what technology can do and experiencing the basics of electronics with your own hands.

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Plusivo Wireless Super Starter Kit
Do more with this Arduino compatible board which has wireless connectivity.
Plusivo Pi Zero W Super Starter Kit
Get started with the Raspberry Platform. A computer in your pocket.
Plusivo Pi 4 Super Starter Kit
A complete guide with the very powerful Raspberry Pi mini computer.
Plusivo Electronics Starter Kit
All the components you need for getting started with electronics.
Plusivo Nano Starter Kit
All the components you need besides your favourite development board.
Plusivo Microcontroller Starter Kit
Start learning electronics using this kit with Arduino IDE.

Plusivo® Brand

With an international team spanning across four countries and two continents, Plusivo is a trully international brand.
We are true visionaries.
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